October 28, 2022

SA&M Facilitates Partnership Between TransAstra and Torrey Pines Bank

Stubbs Alderton & Markiles is honored to play a role in the partnership between Torrey Pines Bank and California-based client TransAstra, which is developing game-changing technologies to build a thriving space economy. In addition to its partnership with Torrey Pines, technology and the space-driven TransAstra recently secured NASA funding, which will support TransAstra's roadmap for asteroid mining and tapping into the practically unlimited resources of space.

SA&M Managing Partner, and Co-Chair of the Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Practice, Scott Alderton knew he had the perfect solution when TransAstra was looking for a financing partnership to augment its explosive, responsible growth. Alderton knows that “besides providing technically excellent legal services, one of the very best things I can do for my clients is to solve a non-legal problem by providing a high-quality referral.” The firm is excited to follow the unlimited possibilities of this strategic partnership.

Read more about how the partnership between TransAstra and Torrey Pines Bank will change the space economy in years to come.

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