Cookies Policy

Like most websites, we use a variety of technologies on our website (the “Site”), including a technology called “cookies” which allows us to provide you with a customized visitor experience. This Cookies Policy tells you more about our use of cookies and the choices you have. By agreeing to this Cookies Policy you consent to the use of cookies by us as described in this Cookies Policy.

Cookies are small files that a website can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your device. We employ cookies in certain areas of the Site to allow us to analyze how the Site is used and to monitor performance so we can create the best user experience. We also use cookies to personalize language settings and to provide social media features.

In addition to the cookies used by us and our service providers, some cookies are placed by third parties whose websites are accessible through links on the Site. We do not control these third parties’ use of cookies and cannot guarantee that they will uphold the same privacy standards as we do. You should review the privacy policies of any third-party websites that you visit through a link from the Site to understand how these third parties use cookies and the information they collect through cookies.

By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies for the following purposes:

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential to make the Site work, and enable you to move around the Site and use its features. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide services that are necessary for you to be able to use the Site, such as accessing secure areas or remembering the information you input when filling out forms.
  • Performance and Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect information about how people are using the Site, including which pages are visited the most often, how visitors move throughout the Site, and what content they access. These cookies record only anonymous statistical data and do not collect any personal information that could identify an individual visitor.

Most cookies are “session cookies” which means that they are automatically deleted at the end of each session. You can block or disable cookies on your device at any time by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your web browser. You can also delete the cookies that are stored on your device. However, blocking, disabling, or deleting cookies may limit your ability to view all the pages of the Site or use aspects of the Site which require registration. You can find more information about cookies at and

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