March 29, 2023

Taylor Osher Pens IP Watchdog Article on Future AI uses for Branding and Trademark Research

IP Watchdog recently published Taylor Osher’s article “Branded by AI: How AI Tools Can Help Brand Owners—Now and in the Future,” which examines how AI tools can be implemented in the branding and trademark search processes. “In theory.. if the AI algorithms can truly be trained on large datasets of existing company names, it could also be used to rule out suggested names that are already in use, given access to the right data sets,” Taylor predicted.

Common issues in branding have been creating unique and appealing brand names along with cross-checking platforms for social media handles, domains, and similar names. Taylor hypothesizes that a bulk of these time-consuming tasks could soon be accomplished by AI programs. “The more information about my target customer and what products I sold, however, the more tailored the AI results became.”

On the trademark front, Taylor explained, “As the AI becomes more capable, it is not unforeseeable that given access to the USPTO database it would be able to write its own field codes to perform comprehensive trademark searches before recommending unique brand names to new businesses. The AI could then, in theory, be trained to simultaneously remove any suggestions that appear in internet searches with metatags related to the class of goods or services the mark will be used in connection with.”

Read the full article here.

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