April 21, 2023

SA&M Client, Trademark Cosmetics, Inc., Receives Investment From TruArc Partners

Trademark Cosmetics, Inc. (TCI) has received a significant investment from private equity firm, TruArc Partners.

Founded in 1994, TCI is a leading formulator and manufacturer of a wide range of beauty and personal care products, with an expertise in clean and natural formulations. TCI provides product development, material sourcing, and filling services with a focus on unique formulation capabilities and packaging technologies requiring significant technical expertise.

“We think TCI is a well-positioned business that is poised to scale with our planned investments,” said Gerald Sheehan, Partner at TruArc. “Our goal is to further enhance TCI’s position as the go-to partner for high growth brands.” SA&M attorneys advising TCI on the transaction included John McIlvery, Kelly Siobhan Laffey, Alex Tang, and Jake Grogin.

To read more about the transaction, click here. For more information about SA&M’s Mergers & Acquisitions Practice, click here.


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