Practice Group Chair
Michael Sherman

Owning and operating a business carries with it multiple opportunities, and risks.  And at times the pursuit of the opportunities or the occurrence of the risks, give rise to disputes.  How a businessperson responds to disputes can be a predictor whether your organization succeeds or fails.  Working with a battle-tested team of business litigators can help you overcome threats either in pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures, as your business scales up, or with more mature businesses.  Our business litigators have decades of experience representing some of the most recognizable Fortune 500, middle-market, emerging, and start-up companies, in controversies across California as well as in courts nation-wide.  We get results for clients, efficiently and with client collaboration.


We are Trial Lawyers

Our litigation leaders have demonstrated expertise and a history of achieving positive results in trials and arbitrations, when taking a dispute “all the way” becomes necessary.  We are skilled in the handling of complex class action, appeals, and multijurisdictional matters.

We Have Deep Expertise in Complex Business and Commercial Litigation

Our litigation team has years of experience handling a variety of business-related disputes, in areas of disputes as varied as business competition; securities issuance and transactions; business control contests and other ownership and fiduciary issues; contract entry and performance; accounting/financial statement-oriented matters; and, a host of merchant/manufacturer/supplier disputes including buyer-seller and vendor-vendee.  Clients we have represented are drawn from a wide variety of business and industries, including real estate, apparel and garment manufacturing, hardware and software, private equity, insurance, medical providers, industrial equipment, and retail.  Our litigators have written and spoken publicly in these fields, as well.


Entertainment & Media Litigation Is an Area Where We Have Substantial Experience

Litigators at the firm have deep experience representing high-profile actors, reality television stars, athletes, producers, musicians, and production companies in disputes involving their media projects and other ventures.  Our litigators have been featured in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and are proficient in resolving agreement breach, content infringement, fair use, distribution, licensing, and project financing matters.  We additionally represent clients in conflicts arising from their interactions from the public and press, including in anti-SLAAP, invasion of privacy, non-consensual recording, and digital privacy controversies. The firm is well-versed in handling joint venture, partnership, and transactional disputes that could arise when launching film, television, publishing, and digital media projects.



Our Litigators Regularly Handle a Variety of Employment Disputes

We represent founders and C-Suite Executives in employment-related conflicts, as well as businesses who face such claims.  We defend our clients’ interests in response to employee lawsuits and government agency investigations. The firm routinely represents employers in cases involving workplace safety and OSHA violations, workplace discrimination, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, health insurance issues, and employee and executive benefit plan conflicts.

Intellectual Property Protection is an Area We Are Regularly Engaged In

Failing to take the necessary steps to defend your intellectual property could affect your enforcement rights and imperil your brand’s reputation. We often assist luxury brands, consumer goods companies, sports franchises, movie studios, start-ups, inventors, and entrepreneurs with such tasks as:

  • Protecting clients’ expectations of privacy
  • Litigating trade secret/non-disclosure claims
  • Litigating patent infringement and product counterfeiting disputes
  • Resolving copyright infringement, idea submission issues, digital piracy matters, merchandising conflicts, fair use conflicts, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns
  • Managing trademark, trade dress, Lanham Act, and cybersquatting matters
  • Litigating co-marketing, co-branding, licensing, distribution, and agreement-related conflicts


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