January 16, 2024

Mark Brutzkus Leads ACG Panel on the State of the Fashion Industry

Mark Brutzkus is set to headline a panel titled "The State of the Fashion Industry" on January 31, 2024, as part of the Association for Corporate Growth's (ACG) "ACG 101" series for the year. This presentation will delve into the intricacies of fashion and apparel trends, spotlighting the brilliance of the industry while underlining the critical aspects of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Joining Mark in this insightful discussion are esteemed figures in the field, such as Ron Friedman, Partner at Marcum LLP; Kerry Jolna, CEO at EMJ Apparel Group; Kelly Helfman, President of Informa Markets Fashion; and Sydnee Breuer, Executive Vice President at Rosenthal & Rosenthal.

For more details about the panel and to secure your spot, click here. Don't miss the chance to gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of the fashion industry.

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