January 14, 2022

Preccelerator® U: The 7 Imperatives of Startup, Scaleup & Funding

Join Preccelerator® U for our next workshop: The 7 Imperatives of Startup, Scaleup & Funding. This free webinar will feature Tony Cristiano of Pivotal Arc. Tony will discuss seven of the most important business components to consider as a startup or when expanding your business into an adjacent segment, from a flagship sales & marketing perspective. As well as information regarding early-stage scaleup or startup, mentorship, funding strategies, and more, with the objective of helping attendees take their Software or Digital tech business to the next level of success. At the end of the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a question and answer session with Tony

Preccelerator® U Workshop
With Tony Cristiano of Pivotal Arc
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
12:00-1:30 PM PST

An email containing the Zoom link for this event will be sent to attendees following registration.

About Pivotal Arc:

For over 10 years, Pivotal Arc has focused on new, adjacent and USA market entry and scaleup of software & digital technology firms. From Artificial Intelligence to sector solutions, they enable traction and growth, including developing hands-on flagship sales as evidence of success. Along with early corporate careers, most of their experience has been with growing entrepreneurial companies, from strategy and execution to funding, and in roles such as CEO, COO, VP, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Programming.

Their extensive Software & Digital Technology experience and focus includes:

  • AI & Computer Vision: Identity, Object, Behavior, Pattern, Face & Biometric Recognition & Analytics
  • Security: Anti-fraud, Access Control, Cybersecurity, Real-time Camera & Video forensics
  • Financial Tech: Authentication / anti-fraud, Messaging and Banking Transaction Systems
  • Computer Graphics: Virtual Reality/AR/MR, Visualization and content for Entertainment, Games & eSports

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