June 29, 2023

Mark Brutzkus Speaks to Retail Dive on the Bed Bath & Beyond IP Sale to Overstock

Mark Brutzkus was recently featured in Retail Dive’s article, “Overstock to rebrand itself as Bed Bath & Beyond,” which examined the online-only retailer’s decision to capitalize on the latter’s branding amidst its bankruptcy.

Overstock was recently approved to purchase Bed Bath & Beyond’s intellectual property at a Chapter 11 auction. Mark stresses the strategic benefit behind Overstock’s move, explaining “The acquisition by Overstock makes good sense as it gives Overstock a vehicle to shift its business from big-ticket items to kitchen appliances and home decor.” He continues to tell Retail Dive, “The perception in the market was that Overstock only sells close-out goods. The [Bed Bath & Beyond] brand gives Overstock the ability to expand into segments of the market that it could not reach with the Overstock brand.”

Mark also noted, “BuyBuy Baby apparently has some value as DTC or brick-and-mortar brand and will probably be sold at an amount equal to or greater than the price paid by Overstock for [Bed Bath & Beyond].”

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