September 12, 2023

Mark Brutzkus Speaks to 1851 Franchise Magazine on Legal Risks Facing Franchise Business Owners

Mark Brutzkus was recently quoted in 1851 Franchise Magazine’s article “What Are the Legal Risks of Owning a Franchise Business?” which outlines the legal considerations franchise owners must be aware of when establishing their entity including elements of the franchise agreement, federal and state regulations, royalties and other fees, and renewal and termination terms.

A major component of the franchise agreement includes trademark and branding standards which can result in a breach of contract or trademark infringement if not adhered to. Mark explains, “In a franchise agreement, it is important that the franchisor is the owner of, or has the legal right to use, the franchise’s intellectual property, including trade names or trademarks. Also, it is critical that the franchise agreement contains provisions to keep trade secrets, i.e., ingredients of a secret sauce, confidential and not disclosed.”

Read “What Are the Legal Risks of Owning a Franchise Business?”

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