November 4, 2022

Mark Brutzkus Featured in Newsy Segment on Celebrity Brand Partnerships

Mark Brutzkus recently spoke to Newsy in their segment entitled, “The Risky Deal With Celebrity-Brand Partnerships.” The segment explored the recent fallout between Kanye West and Adidas while examining the broader risks brands take when collaborating with a well-known celebrity.

In partnerships with celebrities, brands often account for potential disruption through the usage of a morality clause, which may have factored into Adidas’ decision to terminate its contract with the rapper. Mark explained, “Morality clauses would be a provision within an endorsement contract that would provide for personal conduct standards." He continued to express, "The key in that is protecting the reputation of the business, but they're also preserving a positive workforce culture."

The Risky Deal With Celebrity-Brand Partnerships- Newsy

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