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About nēdl
With over 274 million daily listeners in the U.S. alone, nēdl intends to shake things up for radio. Backed by the National Association of Broadcasters, nēdl (as in, the haystack) allows radio listeners to search live audio as easily as they search the web (by keyword) and also start their own live broadcasts to add their speech to the real-time search results. nēdl is the world’s first search engine for live audio. Radio listeners, who previously searched from station-to-station, can now easily access content on nēdl for free. nēdl is available as a skill on Amazon Alexa (“Open Needle Now”) and it is featured in the Apple App Store.

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Wednesday, the Senate cloture vote on H.R. 3606, better known as the JOBS Act, passed 76-22--the package will allow companies to offer securities to non-accredited investors via crowdfunding platforms. The JOBS Act passed the House by a 390-23 vote on March 8 and in a rare showing of bipartisan agreement on the economy during an election year. The Obama administration has expressed support for the JOBS Act, which the President intends to sign into law when the legislation reaches his desk.

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