SAM Client Alert – New Domain Names and the Trademark Clearinghouse

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New Domain Names and
the Trademark Clearinghouse


The new generic top level domains (gTLDs) are continuing to launch in 2014. While there were previously only 22 top level domain names (e.g., .com, .net) and the various country code registries (e.g.,, .de), within the next year there may be as many as 1,500 active top level domains, each with their own registries.

To assist you in protecting your trademark rights as much as possible, The Trademark Clearinghouse will allow trademark holders to submit their trademark information to a one-stop shop centralized repository. After verification, the trademark holder will be able to register its corresponding domain name(s) during the pre-registration period of multiple TLDs – also known as the “Sunrise period”. Trademark holders will also have the option to be notified when someone registers a domain name that matches their record in the TMCH.

An application to the Trademark Clearinghouse serves two main purposes:

1) Participation in the Trademark Clearinghouse is the only way to pre-register brands in the sunrise-phase which precedes all new gTLD launches. This process will greatly reduce the administrative burden and associated costs for trademark holders.

2) During the Trademark Claims period 60 days after the Sunrise period, trademark holders may choose to be notified immediately when someone registers a domain name, in any of the new gTLDs, that match the registered trademark.

For more information about how to register your marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse, or if you would like more information contact Jeff Gersh at