October 25, 2021

Preccelerator® Program Virtual Demo Day

Join Preccelerator® U to kick off Virtual Demo Day on Thursday, November 4 at 4:00 pm. This free live webinar will feature a group of early-stage companies who we’ve worked with throughout the term to develop valuable industry knowledge and prepare them for the fundraising process. Companies such as Bevz, Blockforms, TopDog, KneeVoice, and Auxxit will be featured to showcase the skills they’ve learned and you’re invited to join the festivities! 

Preccelerator® Program Virtual Demo Day

With Bevz, Blockforms, TopDog, KneeVoice, and Auxxit 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

An email containing the Zoom link for this event will be sent to attendees following registration.

Company Line-Up

About Bevz: 

Bevz is the first-ever customized software and services platform for independently operated liquor convenience stores. Bevz is transforming the 100k+ stores across the nation with the technology, data, support, and network they need to manage and grow their business. They currently have 200 stores, several paid partners like Anheuser-Busch and RNDC, and technology integrations with DoorDash and Postmates. 

With the Bevz platform, liquor convenience stores will be able to: automate orders and product updates; manage e-commerce platforms; view sales, finances, and trends; communicate from in-store clerk to store owner; access the best deals and discounts; network with store owners; and integrate key services like payment processing, accounting, insurance, payroll, etc.

About BlockForms

BlockForms is an insuretech web application built for Insurance Brokers. BlockForms transforms the sales cycle of managing multiple insurance provider applications in a consolidated digital format. The one-to-many format improves client engagement and employee performance by streamlining data collection and forms management.

The encrypted, cloud-based application allows brokerage teams to invite clients to complete multiple insurance provider forms, edit information, obtain an electronic signature, and send fully executed forms to insurance carriers in one secured application. Simply put, BlockForms makes it fast and easy to sign up customers, collect client data, and apply for coverage across multiple insurance providers.

About Auxxit:

As people become more passionate about a hobby or activity, the related items they want become more customized, expensive, or harder to find.  Auxxit is an innovative mobile marketplace platform that brings together communities of like-minded people and provides them with peer-to-peer commerce tools that make it easier and more fun to discuss, buy, and sell their passion-based items.  Our solution provides hobbyists with easier access to reasonably priced goods and quick cash to make upgraded purchases. 

Visit https://www.auxxit.com/

About TopDog

TopDog is a platform that enables gamers to bet on themselves and be rewarded for playing their favorite video games. By providing amateur gamers with a central place to compete and connect, TopDog is harnessing the micro-communities that are already established amongst the 200+ million American gamers. 

TopDog is focused on delivering a platform that gives amateur gamers access to structured competition with a reward on the line. Through the TopDog platform, gamers will be able to wager against each other in peer-to-peer cash matches, enter tournaments, and join groups/leagues.

About KneeVoice:

KneeVoice analyzes sound emissions from the patellofemoral joint to assess the degree of knee cartilage damage. 

KneeVoice is simple, quick, and non-invasive, it's the only office diagnostic tool for the orthopedic and sport medicine practitioners, physical therapists, and trainers and that can provide precise information of cartilage damage in the diagnostic process, as well as in the follow-up and treatment outcome monitoring. This is a, first of its kind, platform that offers advanced technology applied to the orthopedic practice, with strong Intellectual Property around the data capture and analysis methods.

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