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Preccelerator Program COO Heidi Hubbeling Featured in Distillery Blog “Is an Accelerator Program Right for Your Startup?”

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SAM Preccelerator Program COO Heidi Hubbeling was interviewed for Distillery this week discussing factors that may help your company decide whether an Accelerator Program is a right fit for your Startup.

“A startup founder needs to have a good balance between belief in their idea and coachability. Because they’re going to receive a million pieces of advice from a million different directions. They need to be able to have the passion to stick with it while being introspective enough to know when they need to pivot, change their own role, add people to the team, or whatever it is,” says Hubbeling. To succeed, “They need to keep an open mind and not have tunnel vision.”

To read the full interview visit here.

Heidi Hubbeling

Heidi Hubbeling is the Chief Operating Officer of the Preccelerator Program and Director of Marketing for top Southern California business law firm Stubbs Alderton & Markiles. Heidi’s experience in professional services marketing, relationship building, business development strategy and entrepreneurship spans more than 15 years.


About the Preccelerator® Program
The Preccelerator is a novel platform offered to select start-up companies out of the Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP Santa Monica office that provides interim office space, sophisticated legal services, education, networking, mentorship and $250,000 in usable perks from Google Cloud for Startups, Amazon Web Services, and HubSpot among others, with the objective of helping grow a founder’s idea from business concept to funded startup. The program also retains more than 50 active strategic mentors providing free office hours and discounted services, and provides over 50+ educational workshops and networking events each year. The Program expanded in 2017 to accept a greater number of companies in more formalized classes, depending upon where the companies are in their evolutionary growth, expand benefits to accepted companies, and will look to make strategic investments backed by strategic angel investors.

For more about the Preccelerator® Program or to apply,  contact Heidi Hubbeling, COO at (310) 746-9803 or