Partner Scott Alderton Featured Speaker on ExecSense Webinar June 15, 2011

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Partner Scott Alderton was the featured speaker on an ExecSense webinar entitled, “What Venture Capitalists Need to Know Before Structuring or Negotiating Their Next Employment Agreement with a Founder.”  Scott focuses his presentation on:

• Everything you need to know in 60 minutes before negotiating and structuring your next founder employment agreement as a venture capitalist

• A roadmap to the most important practical, legal, financial, and strategic issues that venture capitalists need to pay attention to when negotiating and structuring an employment agreement with a founder, including scope of employment (job responsibilities, position on board of directors, basis for promotion/demotion), salary (base salary, bonuses), term and termination (“at will” or contract employment, “for cause” or “good reason” termination), liability protection (directors and officers liability insurance, statutory indemnification of directors and officers under employer’s governing documents), stock and stock option grants, golden parachute, and more

• How the current economy is impacting the way that employment agreements with founders are being negotiated and structured, how you can use this knowledge to your advantage as a venture capitalist , and specific negotiation strategies for getting your best-case scenario on key issues

• Case studies of the most up-to-date founder employment agreements that other venture capitalists are negotiating and structuring right now, how the structure and terms are different than in years past, and important lessons learned that you can capitalize on immediately

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