July 26, 2023

Nick Rozansky Weighs in on H&M's Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Shein in Sourcing Journal

Nick Rozansky recently spoke with Sourcing Journal about the intricacies of H&M's high-profile copyright infringement lawsuit against Shein. The fashion giant, H&M, asserts that Shein has unlawfully replicated multiple designs, prompting them to take legal action. Notably, the case has been brought before a Hong Kong court, adding a unique international dimension to the dispute.

Nick told Sourcing Journal that the choice to file the suit in a Hong Kong court was a “big distinction.” Nick speculated that this choice was made because China might not recognize a Western court’s decision, but would enforce a ruling made by a Hong Kong court.

This suit comes not long after independent artists sued Shein in California, claiming Shein’s actions violated the RICO Act. Nick explained, “It can be very, very powerful because there are major penalties associated with RICO.”

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