January 5, 2024

Nicholas Rozansky Provides Insight to Sourcing Journal Article on Yeezy Apparel's Tax Liens

Nicholas Rozansky was recently quoted in a Sourcing Journal article discussing the tax woes faced by Yeezy Apparel LLC, owned by the rapper and public figure Kanye West, commonly known as Ye. The article titled "Yeezy Apparel Racks Up Nearly $1 Million Tax Bill" sheds light on the four outstanding tax liens in California against Yeezy Apparel, amounting to $934,033.56, dating back to 2021. The liens are from California's Employment Development Department (EDD), indicating unpaid taxes by the company.

Rozansky offered insights into the implications of such tax liens on businesses. He highlighted how these outstanding liabilities can impact a company's reputation, creditworthiness, and potential business dealings. "It’s an indication that things are not going well in some way, shape or form, for you or for your business, and as a result lenders are going to look at them very seriously," Rozansky said.

For the full article and more insights, click here.

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