July 27, 2023

Join the Preccelerator™ Program Demo Day -- August 10, 2023

Featured Speaker:

Eddy Roche is an entrepreneurial force of nature. Coming from Australia to the US in his 20s, Eddy weathered many failed startups until he started to follow his passion of helping people feel their best through fitness. His outgoing personality and love for getting people moving led him to form DMN8, LA's first outdoor fitness movement and community. DMN8 has already served thousands of people in LA, and it has an extremely unique way of making everyone who steps foot in this outdoor gym feel like instant family.

Eddy will share how his winding entrepreneurial journey led to him to founding DMN8 and his secret sauce to creating a tight-knit community that inspires everyone in it to be their best selves.

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Preccelerator™ Program Demo Day lineup:

Katsh Digital ID is a Los Angeles-based technology company that aims to reinvent Identity Access Management by making personal information useless to scammers. We help businesses eliminate Identity Theft liabilities and give consumers the power to grant unique access to their sensitive information.

Freedom Chat is a next-generation messaging app that keeps your conversations completely private with end-to-end encryption, no storage of messages on the server, and no commercial use of user data. It is designed for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance.

ClickandPredict is like Fantasy Football for buzz-worthy events in politics, pop culture, and Esports. We love the camaraderie that sweeps through the office or friend group when everyone has a stake in the NCAA tournament, World Cup, etc. We want to make it possible for people to predict more events together. We’re excited to share our passion for games with a bigger audience.

LumiRx is a revolutionary technology platform that is transforming the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Our cutting-edge app and NFC chip technology provide real-time tracking and monitoring of medications and medical devices, ensuring safety and authenticity throughout the supply chain.

SiBi aims to simplify the process of finding desirable high-quality secondhand clothing. Our platform uses API integrations to connect buyers with pre-loved fashion items. For merchants, SiBi seamlessly syncs inventory and extends their reach across multiple platforms, saving them valuable time and effort. Join us in reshaping the way we shop for sustainable fashion!

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August 10, 2023
5:30-8:00 PM

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