Heather Antoine’s Forbes Article Examines Hailey Bieber’s “RHODE” Infringement Lawsuit

By July 1, 2022 No Comments

Heather Antoine recently wrote a Forbes article providing legal insight into the infringement lawsuit targeting Hailey Bieber and her newly launched “RHODE” skincare line. The suit was filed by Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, owners of clothing and accessory brand “Rhode-NYC,” who are seeking a preliminary injunction ordering Bieber to stop using the name “RHODE” or any variation for her brand.

In her article, Heather delves into the complex legal background surrounding the types of trademarks filed by both parties, and questions “why the decision was made to file an application in Class 25 for clothing.” She also examines this case from a unique angle, comparing Bieber’s case to Kylie Jenner’s trademark lawsuit, and providing insight on how celebrity status contributes to the likelihood of confusion.

Heather has previously written Forbes articles on the topic of copyright infringement cases involving successful musicians including Dua Lipa, Childish Gambino, and most recently, Mariah Carey.

Read Heather’s latest article, entitled “Hailey Bieber’s New Skincare Line Welcomed With Infringement Lawsuit” on Forbes.