July 27, 2022

Heather Antoine’s Article on 50 Cent’s Ongoing Trademark Suit Featured in Forbes

Heather Antoine’s article “50 Cent’s ‘BMF’ Television Show Subject of Ongoing Trademark Suit” was recently published by Forbes.

The article examines the complex legal case involving Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Starz Entertainment, Lion’s Gate Entertainment, Inc., and G-Unit Brands over the title of the television show “BMF.” The Plaintiff, Byron Belin, alleges that he owns the rights to the trademark ‘BMF,’ and that the defendants infringed on those rights when they released the television show.

In the article, Heather provides nuanced insight into the legal statutes that will determine whether the show’s title infringes on the trademark, the precedents of past trademark cases, and the hurdles Belin must prove in order to be successful in this case.

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