Heather Antoine Examines Paramount’s ‘Coming To America’ Copyright Claim in Her Forbes Article

By August 30, 2022 No Comments

Heather Antoine recently published a Forbes article, “Paramount Brings ‘Coming To America’ Claim Before Copyright Claims Board To Shut Down McDowell’s Pop-Up,” examining whether JMC Pop Ups LLC’s physical recreation of “McDowell’s” infringed upon Paramount’s copyright to the fictional restaurant originated in the ‘Coming To America’ movie series.

Her article speaks to Paramount’s surprising choice in using the recently established Copyright Claims Board (CCB) to settle this case. She notes, “Paramount is represented by counsel at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, who prepared a lengthy claim, including 25 exhibits. The cost of preparation of the Claim alone is likely to amount to a significant piece of the $30,000 they are allowed to recover before the CCB; it is highly doubtful they would be able to recover attorneys fees in this matter; and they cannot obtain an injunction.” While the case is still ongoing, Heather’s article examines how the drawbacks of CCB may not work in Paramount’s favor.

Read the full article here.