July 8, 2024

Gary Chen Quoted in Los Angeles Business Journal Article on Complexities of Startups in China

Gary Chen, Senior Counsel, was recently quoted in a Los Angeles Business Journal article titled "Soul Ventures Bring Startups to Asia." Gary offered insights on U.S. companies' challenges in navigating opportunities in China amidst increasing regulatory restrictions, highlighting the nuanced decisions companies must make in this complex environment.

When discussing the challenges U.S. companies face in this evolving landscape, he stated, "I think for U.S. companies, they really lose out on the big market. But whether it's worth having all those restrictions around them, that's the question."

Chen also emphasized the complexities of foreign investment in U.S. tech companies, noting, "The U.S. has regulations on certain companies with critical technology where if they have foreign investors, not necessarily just Chinese investors, then there has to be an investigation process as to whether the investment needs to obtain CFIUS's approval."

To read the full article, click here.

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