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You’re Invited to “Roadmap to Small Business Success” with Christine Perakis

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Find out what makes some people more successful than others. During this event you will create your custom Roadmap to Small Business Success using the 7-TEER system from Christine’s bestselling book, “The Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap – Take Your Business from 0 to 7-Figures in Record Time”. Now you can focus on the 20% of your activities that really matter to get where you want to go, faster and more efficiently!

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

**Food, Drinks & Networking Included!**


Christine Perakis

Christine Perakis
 Business Startup Navigator, Best-Selling Author, “Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap”

Christine Perakis has been a lawyer, business adviser, entrepreneur, C-Suite executive, adj professor, and professional boat captain, navigating myriad transactions and businesses across 5 continents. Christine has run or been a part of a management team in 10 businesses, growing, expanding and achieving results beyond the expectations of all involved. The most recent role being as a COO in a company that went from a 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million/year business in 4 years. Christine is a natural teacher and very much enjoys sharing her business knowledge, whether speaking to groups from her “Roadmap to Small Business Success” programs taken from her best-selling book, in online courses to graduate students, or through her online business advisory system.

Connect with her on Twitter and Linked-In.

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4th Street/Broadway ramp or in the Santa Monica Place Mall

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