Preccelerator Program

You’re Invited to Preccelerator® Program Class 7 Demo Day!

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The Deal
Clear your calendar – It’s going down! The Preccelerator® Program Class 7 Demo Day kicks off on January 24th @ 5:30pm, and you’re invited to take part in the festivities. SAM Preccelerator® Program is our meeting spot to showcase the Preccelerator®’s current class of all-star companies to investors and the start-up community.
Appetizers and drinks on us!

The Location
1453 3rd Street Promenade
Suite 300 Santa Monica, 90401

The SAM Preccelerator® is located in the heart of Silicon Beach.  Off of 3rd Street Promenade, it has the ease of parking at both the Santa Monica Main Place Mall and Parking Structure #5 on the corner of 4th Street and Broadway.

The Participants

Now, Every Moment of Your Live Stream is Searchable in Real-Time

nēdl is a B2B2C platform addressing a nearly $40B global ad market by providing 100’s of millions of radio listeners an AI-powered tuner to instantly locate specific live news, sports, talk, information, and music content using keyword search on live broadcasts; eliminating the need to go station-to-station for specific live content. nēdl not only lets you search live content on over 120,000 domestic and international broadcast radio stations for free, but users can instantly create their own live broadcast stations to inject their speech into the same real-time search results so others may discover them by words they are saying as they speak. Visit


Virtual Reality Platform Providing Content for Independent Creators

EVRealities is a secure marketplace for licensing and digital rights management of virtual/augmented reality stock and packaged video content.  We are empowering professional VR creators, 360 video, and AR graphic artists to sell immersive content of current events and culturally significant VR/AR experiences to digital media publishers. We deliver curated content directly to publishers for ease of discovery of relevant pieces that can be licensed, editorialized, and published into AR/VR formats to fulfill a steady VR/AR content strategy. Visit


Share your Lyrics with Sound, Promote your Music with Custom Lyric Video Clips

LineForLine is a software service for music promotion that gives artists and their fans the ability to share song lyrics across all social media platforms as music videos known as lyric video clips. The growing demand for short form video content on social media platforms is making it difficult to promote songs that are meant to be heard. By syncing lyrics with songs LineForLine gives artists and their fans the ability to create and share lyrics video clips on the fly. These audiovisual snippets of lyrics with sound encourage viewers to listeners, to help artists leverage social media as a platform for music discovery. Visit 

The Lineup 
5:30pm –Registration & Networking