SAM Partner Louis Wharton to be Panelist for Mobile LAVA Event “Start Your ‘Mobile’ Startup” – May 30th, 2013

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SAM Partner Louis Wharton will be a featured panelist on the May 30th Mobile LAVA presentation, “Start Your ‘Mobile’ Startup.”  Other panelists include:  Hank Leber, Co-founder & CEO, GonnaBe, Matt Sandler, Co-founder & CEO, Chromatik, TX Zhou, Managing Partner, Karlin Ventures, Mark G. Sogomian, Ernst & Young, and moderator Lori Kozlowski, columnist for Forbes.

They will examine some of the practical, nuts-and-bolts components of building a new business in the mobile and online spaces. Entrepreneurs are naturally infused with passion, ideas, and a desire to attract people to their passion and ideas. Often, however, the practical realities of starting a business can get lost in the midst of an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm, and easily avoidable mistakes can result in huge headaches down the road, or worse — business failure.

In order to provide practical advice and context, the panel will share with us some fundamental components for starting a startup, including:

  1. Team:  What makes the right start-up team?
  2. Partner:  What should you look for in a business partner?
  3. Legal:  How do you set up the legal framework for an organization that mitigates future conflicts?
  4. Docs:  What are the basic core documents required to get a start-up going?
  5. Financial:  How do you ensure financial sanity and what kinds of financial people are necessary – controller, CFO, accountant?
  6. HR:  What are the essential human resource issues that need to be considered?
  7. CTO:  When it comes to the mobile space, specifically – what do you need in a CTO? What do you need to look for in the engineers/programmers you hire?
  8. Staffing:  What are the practical costs of bringing people aboard early on? For instance, is everyone working for little to no pay? How do you gain enough capital to pay people in the early stages?
  9. Startup Issues:  For mobile startups, what are some of the crucial things to know, especially in a space so rapidly growing and constantly changing?
  10. Mobile Challenges:  Are the challenges that mobile start-ups face different from those not focused on mobile? If so, what are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them?

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