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SA&M Partner Kevin DeBré Published in CLA Business Law News

By February 12, 2019 No Comments

Stubbs Alderton & Markiles’ partner Kevin DeBré’s article on Data Protection Laws has been published in the California Lawyers Association (CLA) Business Law News. The article is titled “Data Protection Laws Are Here, But What Do They Mean for California Businesses?’

Kevin and his co-author, Jordan Yallen compare California’s new privacy law to the European Union’s recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation, and recommend steps that businesses can take to avoid (as much as possible) problems of compliance that result from the multiplicity of privacy regimes.

The excerpt of Kevin’s article from CLA Business Law News can be viewed here. 

Kevin DeBré is the chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property & Technology Transactions practice group.  Entrepreneurs and innovators rely on Kevin for guidance when using intellectual property to build their businesses.  Kevin has been a “tech lawyer” since the mid-’90s when he was an attorney for a top Silicon Valley law firm and handled technology deals for “startups” such as Cisco Systems, Broadcom and Geocities.  Today, Kevin represents companies of all sizes – from pre-formation to middle market – and a broad spectrum of industries – from AI to VR. Kevin is both a business lawyer and an intellectual property lawyer. As a business lawyer, he structures and negotiates technology commercialization deals and IP license agreements. These include strategic alliances, research and development collaborations, trademark licensing and brand merchandising agreements and manufacturing, distribution and marketing arrangements. Kevin has extensive experience in handling technology transfer agreements, having negotiated patent license deals with numerous universities across the country.  As an intellectual property lawyer (and a registered patent attorney), Kevin designs and helps clients implement effective strategies for aligning intellectual property protection efforts with a company’s business objectives.  And, having been the first call from clients that have experienced a data breach, Kevin helps companies navigate the ever-increasingly complex landscape of data security and privacy laws and regulations.

For more information about our Intellectual Property Practice, contact Kevin at kdebre@stubbsalderton.com