SAM Feature Client: TrueColorsInvesting™ – “This Time It’s Personal.”

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SAM Feature Client:

SAM client TrueColorsInvesting™ is launching an innovative online investment platform with an intuitive user interface that empowers individuals to intelligently integrate their values into the investment process.  TCI is the first one of its kind and is set to disrupt and change the “suitability” standards of the traditional investment world.

Why? To help every investor make truly suitable investments that maximize their financial growth AND respect their personal values. TCI’s unique 3 dimensional model allows them to know their customers holistically.

Their Intention: The intention of TCI is to help people make successful financial investments while respecting their personal values, whether ethical, social or environmental. In our social lives we depend on human connection to survive and thrive. Our personal values are the glue that attracts, binds and sustains our cherished human connections.

In our financial lives we depend on an investment’s price and its performance record to make our money thrive. Our personal values, so essential to who we are, and how we want to live, are not permitted a strong voice in the investment choices we make.

Pain Point: It is currently difficult if not impossible for investors to find transparent investment choices that match their values. Very few people have the time and expertise required to choose investments based on both their financial goals and their values whether choosing stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs. For stocks, people simply do not have time or know-how to do the research required or tackle the thick prospectuses or complicated 10-k forms. Both mutual funds and ETFs are prepackaged and impersonal because they are selected by others making it difficult – if not impossible – to figure out where one’s money is actually being invested.

Furthermore, the few socially responsible investment (SRI) firms and services that exist are fragmented, tend to be costly and lack mainstream recognition. To make matters worse, the 50 online discount brokerages and 108 SRI rating agencies available offer a cacophony of subjectivity without being able to personalize investment options to suit the unique social and ethical values of each individual investor.

Their Product: “This Time It’s Personal” TCI is a world-class online investing platform enabling anyone, anywhere to vet securities, build portfolios, and seamlessly execute trades based on a personalized benchmarks: Financial Profile + Values Profile.

With the Financial Profile process, investors determine their financial risk/return thresholds. The Values Profile is the A.I. system that determines the investor’s personal values benchmark. This is combined with the Financial Profile to create a truly comprehensive client profile. Investors can stick with the same benchmark or create a new profile for each individual portfolio. With a click, investors can generate a pool of investment opportunities matching their financial goals and ethical values. No other investment service comes close to offering the power and personalization of TCI.

The Market: The current global SRI market is estimated at over $10 trillion. In the U.S. alone this market grew from $639 billion in 1995 to more than $3 trillion in 2010 and is expected to reach $5 trillion by 2020. In the online investing space, approximately 3 million people open a new online brokerage account per year equating to investable assets of $1.34 trillion. In a recent Yankelovich study, 8% of retail investors require their investments to be Green or Socially Responsible. This creates a target market size of $107 billion of investable assets per year that TCI is uniquely positioned to capture.

The Difference between SRI & Personal Values Investing: Values Investing applies personal beliefs in a quantifiable way to entire markets. Rating a company’s societal merit (Good vs. Bad) in addition to its financial fitness brings us closer to connecting our social lives and our financial lives. But we do not live in a binary world of good or bad. We live in a complicated in-between. We are each of us gloriously different. To change the world of investing for the better, to create an era of enlightened investing that will make investors money but also do the world a wealth of good, we need to be able to judge an investment’s worthiness in light of our personal values, and those of society.

Their Ambition: After all, investors are owners, and ownership is personal. It’s time for investing to get real again. Through the power of personal values investing, TCI will help investors unlock the true potential of the market. Their products fundamentally change the investment paradigm, from investment based on financial goals to investment based on financial goals and personal values-suitable for a whole person.

For more information regarding TrueColorsInvesting™, contact TCI’s Marketing Officer Zeina Zeitouni at zeina.zeitouni@ettcg.com.