SAM Client Yowza!! Acquired by Spindle Inc.

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yowza!!SAM client Yowza!! has announced that it has been acquired by mobile commerce solution provider, Spindle, Inc.  Retaining the Yowza!! brand, Spindle will integrate its MeNetwork mobile marketing services with the Yowza!! mobile couponing solution to deliver an end-to-end mobile commerce service.

The new Yowza!! solution will deliver free, real-time coupons, offers, merchant discovery and payment services to consumers through its iOS and Android devices. Merchants can easily sign up for the Yowza!! service online, and use the service as a low-cost, secure and reliable portal to build relationships by sending valid offers to existing and potential customers. Merchants can sign up at www.getyowza.com .

To read the full press release, click here.

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