Mentor Spotlight

Christine Perakis

Business Startup Navigator, Best-Selling Author, “Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap”

Christine Perakis has been a lawyer, business adviser, entrepreneur, C-Suite executive, adj professor, and professional boat captain, navigating myriad transactions and businesses across 5 continents.

Her work, expertise and interests have taken her beyond a lucrative legal practice in the entertainment industry over a couple of decades. A number of Christine’s clients, because of their commitment and desire to more fully utilize her breadth of skills and experience, offered Christine equity and brought her in to manage their businesses from the C-suite, or as a managing partner.

Consequently, Christine has run or been a part of a management team in 10 businesses, growing, expanding and achieving results beyond the expectations of all involved. The most recent role being as a COO in a company that went from a 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million/year business in 4 years.

Christine is passionate about growing businesses.

In the last couple of years, following the sale of her last business and a stint as a licensed 100-Ton professional boat captain in the Caribbean, Christine determined to share her experience and skills with more clients and enterprises as a business coach and consultant, with greater involvement from a more objective 360° perspective, rather than inside the management team.

Christine is a natural teacher and very much enjoys sharing her business knowledge, whether speaking to groups from her “Roadmap to Small Business Success” programs taken from her best-selling book, in online courses to graduate students, or through her online business advisory system.

Christine works with people who, like her, have already proven themselves in other successful businesses or careers, who have a desire for support. Having already “done it the hard way” many times, nothing gives Christine more pleasure than to navigate others to reach their clearly-defined goals faster and more efficiently than if they were on their own.

What are you passionate about?

I am most ignited by facilitating the startup, growth and expansion of a new enterprise or venture from a 360 degree perspective, working with creative entrepreneurs who can articulate a clear vision and follow through to realize the results that they seek.

What one piece of advice would you give to an early stage startup regarding your area of expertise?

It’s the same advice I would give anyone who is venturing offshore into unknown waters – Planning, Preparation and Provisioning are the key elements to reaching any destination safely. Having the partnership of an experienced navigator such as I am, is the key to weathering the inevitable storms.

What do you like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator?

I love the tremendous quality of the people in and around the Preccelerator, including the SAM team and its fearless leader, Heidi, as well as the entrepreneurs. The environment is dictated by the people who are dynamic, engaged, visionary, open, fun and a joy to work with, and I love the opportunity to facilitate the achieving of their goals. As with any clients, experiencing the moments of breakthrough and forward movement makes it all worthwhile.



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