Mogreet Launches “moShare” Share-To-Mobile Service

By January 31, 2012 No Comments

SAM Client Mogreet, a B2B company that focuses on delivering targeted messaging to mobile phones has launched “moShare,” a mobile sharing service that enables millions of web, mobile and app users to share rich media content directly to their friend’s mobile phones.

As Facebook walls and email inboxes become increasingly crowded, moShare enables a more personalized sharing experience allowing videos, pictures, songs and articles to be delivered directly to the text message inbox of any mobile device regardless of wireless carrier.

Mogreet hopes that we will be seeing the moShare, “share to mobile” button right next to Facebook’s “like” and Google + on millions of sites before the end of this year. Since the launch just one week ago, there has been hundreds of articles posted about the new disruptive social sharing service. Please take a peek at the attached Forbes article about moShare and check out the web site www.moshare.com to see how it works.

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